Concept of Skin Donation

Just as donation of eyes after death has been accepted as a ritual in many families the concept of donation of skin from both thighs can result into saving of life of a severely burnt patient.

First of its Kind Skin Bank

After helping Sion Hospital to establish first of its kind Skin Bank in Mumbai, Sunday Friends has taken up this challenge educating and motivating people to donate skin after death.

Pledge Family

1500+ families have taken interest and donated skin post-death of their near ones.

Easy Procedure

Contact Sunday Friends immediately on receiving a death certificate, you can donate skin within 6 hours after death. Harvesting of skin does not take more than 30 minutes. Not a single drop of blood comes out and the harvested area is bandaged.

Who can donate skin after death

  • Person Aging More than 16 years and Weighing More than 50kg

Who can not donate skin after death

  • Not having a transmissible disease like Hepatitis or HIV, Septicaemia, Skin cancer or skin disease, Hepatitis B and Metastitis cancer.