Blood Donation

Blood donation is a voluntary process that is fundamental in saving lives. Donated blood acts as a lifeline in emergency cases. There’s always a need for people to give blood. Sunday Friends has been religiously conducting Blood Donation camps since 1982.

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Skin Donation

Skin donation is a relatively newer concept. Skin donation can be done by anyone once they have passed away. Usually skin can mend itself through wear and tear, however in extreme cases external help is required. Skin donation can offer someone a better gift of life.

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Eye Donation

Eye donation is the gift of sight to another person. Eyes render vision and the power to see. Eyes have the ability to live even after the death of a person. Donated eyes can turn someone’s dull life into a life full of colors.

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Medical Assistance

The primary concern for any patient is the cost of medication. Understanding this need, Sunday Friends provides medicines at subsidized rates. Sunday Friends has also established Life Saving Drug Banks.

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Every child deserves the gift of education. Sunday Friends believes that no child must be deprived of education for any reason. Besides providing basic amenities required for studying, Sunday Friends volunteers personally teach underprivileged children.

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Food Distribution

Food is the basic need of every human. However there are many unfortunate that are deprived of this basic right. Sunday Friends undertakes food distribution every sunday for the underprivileged.

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